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How does it work?

Our photobooth is setup at your location approximately 15-30 mins before the start of your rental. Once it is up and running your guests simply walk up and make their selection on an easy-to-use touch screen interface. A live preview is displayed on the screen so that everyone can get themselves in order while the photobooth counts down - 3...2...1... and click - your first of three images is captured, displayed, then stored. After the booth has taken three images your customised print strips are ready in about 12 seconds while the next group steps up to the booth.


Can you customise the print strips?

Yes! This upgrade option is available and we can absolutely create custom print strips for each rental based on the clients request. We can include favorite colours, patterns, custom text or corporate logos.


Is your touch screen customisable?

Yes! Upgrade your rental with a custom touch screen interfaces to compliment your custom print strips or party theme. The four effect buttons (Colour, Black & White, Sepia, and Retro) and the background imagery on the interface can be customised to the clients request, your corporate logo can also be used. 


Does your photobooth take pictures in Black & White?

Yes! Our photobooth gives the user four photo effect choices per use - Colour, Black & White, Retro, or Sepia.


Can I choose my own backdrop?

Yes! We have a selection of backdrops for you to choose from or we can use a back drop that you have created yourself. If you don't have a preference we will choose a backdrop that compliments your print strip design.


Can you set up outside?

Yes! We can work outside however we require that the booth be covered, on flat ground and that we have access to a standard 120 volt outlet within 50 feet of the booth. Tent rental is available for an extra fee and must be included in your booking if adequate coverage is not available at the location.


Do I have to use your props?

Not at all. They are an optional item for your rental but if you wish to not use props - or want to provide your own that is fine by us.


What do I need to provide for the rental?

All that we require is access to a standard 120 volt outlet within 50 feet of the booth. We provide props,  a backdrop, a booth attendant, and a table for the props. If your setup is outside we will also require that the booth be covered from the elements and on flat ground. Tent rentals are available for an additional cost.


How much space does the booth take up?

We typically need a space at least  6' wide, 7'6" high, and 7' deep, as well as a space for a small table. The booth takes up a minimal amount of space and will fit at most venues.


How do I get my images?

You will receive unlimited print-outs during your rental, with the option to add a copy of your digital files following your event!


Do you share images on social media?

Yes! Unless otherwise agreed upon, your PG rated images may be showcased on our website or Facebook page to share with family and friends so that the party can live on!


Is there a limit to how much we can use the booth?

Nope! Your guests can use the booth as often as they like during the rental period.


How many people fit in the booth?

How long is a piece of string? As our photobooth is open-air you can fit as many people in as can fit against the background.


What types of payments do you accept?

We can accept Visa, MasterCard, or local bank transfer through our convenient central booking system.




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